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Blasting Media

Fimatec offers an extensive range of professional blasting media, suitable for a wide range of applications. Our selection has been carefully chosen to meet the highest standards for cleaning various surfaces, including wood, facades, monuments, concrete, metals, and steel structures.

Garnet Blasting Media: The Versatile, Natural Blasting Medium

Applications and Properties of Garnet

Garnet blasting media is a universal, iron-free natural mineral, ideal for cleaning various surfaces. It is non-metallic, sharp, angular, tough, and hard, making it effective for delicate blasting works on fragile surfaces.

Available Grain Sizes of Garnet at Fimatec

  • 350 mesh | 0.03 - 0.07 mm
  • 200 mesh | 0.07 - 0.15 mm
  • 120 mesh | 0.15 - 0.20 mm
  • 80 mesh | 0.20 - 0.30 mm
  • 30-60 mesh | 0.30 - 0.60 mm

Glass Granulate and Provine: Eco-Friendly and Versatile Blasting Media

Properties and Applications of Glass Granulate Blasting Media

Glass granulate, an iron-free blasting medium made from recycled glass, is ideal for roughening and treating wood, facades, and concrete restoration. It is sharp and angular, perfect for removing paint and rust.

Available Grain Sizes of Glass Granulate at Fimatec

  • 0.15 - 0.40 mm
  • 0.15 - 0.70 mm

Properties and Applications of Provine

Provine, a universal iron-free blasting medium, is suitable for cleaning various surfaces, including wood and steel structures. It is non-metallic, sharp, and angular.

Available Grain Size of Provine at Fimatec

  • 0.10 - 0.35 mm

Asilikos, Soda, and Glass Beads: Specialties for Specific Applications

Asilikos Blasting Media for Concrete and Metal Surfaces

Asilikos is ideal for cleaning concrete and metal surfaces. With its non-metallic, angular, and sharp properties, it is effective for removing rust and cleaning natural stone.

Available Grain Sizes of Asilikos at Fimatec

  • 0.20 - 1.00 mm
  • 0.20 - 1.40 mm
  • 0.20 - 2.00 mm
  • 1.40 - 2.80 mm

Soda Blasting Media: Gentle Treatment for Various Materials

Soda, or sodium carbonate, is ideal for soft blasting without damaging the surface. It is effective for cleaning glass, plastics, rubbers, and metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Available Grain Size of Soda Blasting Media at Fimatec

  • 0.27 - 0.50 mm

Glass Bead Blasting Media for Delicate Surfaces

Glass bead blasting media is ideal for cleaning surfaces without damage and for shot peening. They create a satin and smooth surface, ideal for aluminum and soft metals.

Available Grain Sizes of Glass Beads at Fimatec

  • 100/200 | 0.10 - 0.20 mm

Corundum Blasting Media and Cast Iron Grit: For Intensive Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

Al-Oxide (Corundum) for Various Surfaces

Corundum, a universal blasting medium, is perfect for cleaning stainless steel and removing paint layers, rust, and for roughening and matting surfaces.

Available Grain Size of Corundum Blasting Media at Fimatec

  • 0.15 - 0.21 mm

Cast Iron Grit Blasting Media for Heavy Contamination

Cast iron grit is ideal for removing heavy contamination and as a pre-treatment for various coatings. It is metallic, sharp, angular, and has a long lifespan.

Available Grain Size of Cast Iron Grit at Fimatec

  • 0.20 - 1.70 mm

Fimatec: Expert Advice for the Right Choice of Blasting Media

For perfect surface treatment, choosing the right blasting media is essential. Fimatec is here to assist you in making this choice and offers economical solutions for your projects.

Contact Fimatec today to make the right choice for your project. Your success is our priority! Phone: +32(0)56 61 67 01

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