The Importance of Aftercoolers and Refrigerated Dryers in Compressed Air Systems



An aftercooler is a device used to lower the temperature of compressed air after it has been compressed by a compressor. During the compression process, the air is heated, which can lead to issues such as moisture condensation in the compressed air lines. Here are some key aspects of aftercoolers:

Heat Removal: Aftercoolers remove the heat from the compressed air generated by compression, thus reducing the air temperature.

Condensation Reduction: By lowering the temperature, aftercoolers reduce the amount of moisture in the air. This is crucial because moisture in compressed air systems can cause corrosion and damage to equipment.

Types: There are mainly two types of aftercoolers: air-cooled and water-cooled. The choice depends on the specific application and available resources.

Refrigerated Dryer

A refrigerated dryer is a device used to remove moisture from compressed air. It works by further cooling the compressed air, causing the moisture to condense. This moisture is then drained from the system. Key aspects of refrigerated dryers include:

Dew Point: Refrigerated dryers lower the dew point of the compressed air, which reduces the amount of moisture in the air. This is important for applications where dry air is essential.

Efficiency: They are highly efficient in removing water vapor and are often used in combination with aftercoolers for optimal drying.

-Applications: Refrigerated dryers are essential in industries where moisture in compressed air can cause problems, such as in spray painting applications, food processing, and pharmaceutical production.

Collaboration of Aftercoolers and Refrigerated Dryers

In many compressed air systems, aftercoolers and refrigerated dryers are used together to optimize air quality. The aftercooler first lowers the air temperature, which condenses and removes some of the moisture. The refrigerated dryer then provides further drying by lowering the dew point and removing more moisture. This combination is crucial for maintaining high air quality in compressed air systems.


The choice and use of aftercoolers and refrigerated dryers depend heavily on the specific requirements of the compressed air system, such as the required air quality, ambient temperature, and the application for which the compressed air is used. A correctly designed and maintained system with these components ensures efficient and reliable operation of compressed air applications.

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