Cobra Petrol-Driven Tools - Power and Versatility

Cobra Range: Portable Power and Versatility for Professionals

In the construction and emergency services sectors, robust, versatile, and portable tools are essential. Fimatec offers the Cobra range of petrol-driven handheld tools, reflecting our commitment to quality, customer-focused solutions, and technical expertise. The Cobra series, including the PROe, PROi, TTe, and Combi models, is designed to provide effective solutions in various field operations.

Cobra Petrol Breakers: PROe, PROi, and TTe - Reliable Tools for Demanding Tasks

The Cobra PROe and PROi breakers, along with the TTe tie-tamper, cater to professionals requiring high performance and efficiency. With weights between 23-25 kg and lengths of 877-927 mm, these tools balance portability and power. Impact energies up to 65 Joules and blow frequencies as high as 1620 bpm make them suitable for a range of applications, from concrete breaking to tie tamping.

Cobra Combi: A Versatile Breaker and Drill

The Cobra Combi serves as both a breaker and a drill. Weighing 25 kg and capable of drilling up to 2 meters deep, it is an essential tool for operations in remote locations. Its adaptability makes it suitable for tasks like rock splitting and asphalt cutting, aligning with our focus on multifunctional, high-quality solutions.

Enhanced Performance with Advanced Features

Each Cobra model features a fan-cooled, two-stroke engine for consistent performance. Fuel efficiency, low vibration, and sound levels reflect our commitment to environmentally conscious and user-friendly solutions. Easy-start features and the Hand Arm Protection System (HAPS) ensure these tools are safe and comfortable for extended use.

Designed for Diverse Applications

The Cobra range is built to handle various scenarios in construction, renovation, or emergency response. These tools offer the flexibility required by professionals in diverse fields, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients.

Choose Cobra for Efficiency and Reliability

Fimatec understands the importance of reliable tools that adapt to different situations. The Cobra range, backed by our 40 years of expertise, offers high-quality, customer-centric solutions. Choose Cobra for construction and emergency service needs to experience the benefits of portable, versatile tools.

Contact Us for Customized Solutions

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