Energy storage capacity [kWh]

Tension [V/Ph/Hz]

Primary power [kVA]


Atlas Copco Construction Batteries: Pioneering Energy Solutions for Building Sites

ZBC 250-575
ATLAS COPCO | Refnr. ZBC250/575

ZBC 250-575

Primary power [kVA]: 250
Energy storage capacity [kWh]: 576

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ZBP 45

ZBP 45

Primary power [kVA]: 45

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ZBP 45/75
ATLAS COPCO | Refnr. ZBP45/75

ZBP 45/75

Primary power [kVA]: 45
Energy storage capacity [kWh]: 77

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Atlas Copco Construction Batteries: Your Partner for Sustainable and Efficient Energy Supply on the Construction Site

In an era where sustainability and efficiency are key in the construction sector, Fimatec offers a groundbreaking solution with Atlas Copco construction batteries. These innovative batteries guarantee a sustainable power supply, with a keen focus on optimizing efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Atlas Copco construction batteries, provided by Fimatec, represent a crucial step in the electrification of construction sites. These batteries are not just a green solution for managing peak power demands but also offer a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel generators. Thanks to their modular design and flexibility, they can be easily adapted to the varying energy needs of different construction projects, from tower cranes to entire construction sites.

Reliability and Efficiency

Atlas Copco construction batteries are renowned for their reliability. They provide uninterrupted power supply during outages, ensuring contractors and construction companies continuous productivity. Moreover, they lead to significant fuel savings and help prevent low loading of generators, resulting in more efficient energy use.

Environmentally Friendly Innovation

In line with increasing emission regulations, these batteries are designed to drastically reduce greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions. This not only helps companies reduce their ecological footprint but also meet their sustainability goals.

Economic Benefits

Using Atlas Copco construction batteries offers not only environmental benefits but also economic advantages. Companies can save significantly on energy costs while also minimizing noise pollution on construction sites, which is particularly important in urban or noise-sensitive areas.

Future-Oriented Energy Management

With Fimatec's expertise in energy management, customers can benefit from advanced solutions that anticipate future innovations in the sector. The integration of renewable energy sources such as solar power, coupled with the efficient energy storage of Atlas Copco batteries, ensures a robust and future-proof energy network at your construction site.

Your Partner in Sustainability

Opt for Atlas Copco construction batteries from Fimatec and contribute to a greener, more efficient, and economically advantageous construction sector. Contact us to discover how our energy solutions can transform your construction projects. We have construction batteries from 45 to 575 kWh available for rental and in stock for sale.


Discover the benefits of Atlas Copco construction batteries for your construction projects. Contact us via or call us at +32(0)56616701 for a tailor-made solution that suits your specific needs