Atlas Copco GTG25 Series Angle Grinders: Power and Precision for Professional Use

GTG25 F085-18 and GTG25 F120-13 - Cutting-edge Technology in Grinding

Atlas Copco's GTG25 series, featuring the F085-18 and F120-13 models, sets a new standard in power, performance, and precision for professional grinding work. These angle grinders are powered by a compressor, making them ideal for industrial applications that demand both power and accuracy.

GTG25 F085-18: Powerful and Versatile

  1. Weight: 2.2 kg
  2. Power: 2.5 kW
  3. Air Consumption: 2000 l/min
  4. Speed: 8500 rpm
  5. Connection: 3/8 inch

The GTG25 F085-18 is perfect for tasks where precision and control are crucial. With an impressive speed of 8500 rpm and a powerful 2.5 kW, this model combines efficiency with ease of use.

GTG25 F120-13: Fast and Efficient

  1. Power: 2.5 kW
  2. Air Consumption: 2000 l/min
  3. Speed: 12000 rpm
  4. Connection: 3/8 inch

The GTG25 F120-13 stands out with its higher speed of 12000 rpm, ensuring quick and effective results for demanding grinding tasks.

Benefits of the GTG25 Series

Both models offer an excellent balance between weight and power, making them easy to handle without compromising on performance. The efficient air consumption rates ensure sustainable operation, while the robust construction guarantees a long lifespan.

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