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At Fimatec, we combine 40 years of experience and know-how in AIR & POWER with a customer-focused service approach. Our specialized team offers fast and affordable solutions, ranging from maintenance and repairs to temporary rental during restorations.

Maintenance and Repairs

Fimatec's technicians are ready to support you on-site in repairing defects and malfunctions. Our experienced mechanics ensure adequate maintenance in our workshop in Waregem. Whether you choose new or second-hand, Fimatec guarantees quality maintenance and repairs.

Advice and Customer Testimonials

We listen to our customers to provide the right advice that leads to efficient solutions.

At the heart of our customer service at Fimatec lies in-depth technical advice on the specifications of compressors and generators.


For compressors, we carefully evaluate the required flow rates and pressures needed for your specific applications, taking into account factors such as air consumption, the nature of the work, and the operational environment. This ensures you choose a compressor that is efficient and effective for your needs, complete with the right accessories for maximum performance.


As for generators, our expert team calculates the required number of kVA, based on your specific power needs and the nature of the devices or installations to be powered. We ensure you have the right generator to guarantee a reliable power supply, regardless of the size of your project. With Fimatec's help, you are assured of a choice that ensures the generator is not over- or under-dimensioned.

A recent example illustrates how our customer found an efficient solution for the renovation of a wooden staircase. With our IBIX sandblasting technique, performed with a mobile compressor and a refrigerant dryer, the staircase was carefully cleaned without damaging the surface.

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Do you have questions or are you looking for a solution for your specific situation? Contact Fimatec at 056 61 67 01 for professional advice and service.

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