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Innovative Charging Solutions for the Construction Sector: Discover Flexi Charging Stations

In an era where the construction sector is rapidly developing and the demand for efficient, sustainable energy solutions is increasing, Fimatec proudly presents the Flexi Platform - an advanced range of charging stations that seamlessly meet the needs of modern construction and renovation projects. Our solutions, characterized by their robust galvanized metal or optional stainless steel housings, are not just a testament to technical refinement but also to adaptability and durability.

High-Quality Components for Reliable Performance

The Flexi Platform stands out for its use of industrial high-end components, including the Phoenix PLC controller. These components ensure not only reliability but also offer advanced functionalities such as the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), enabling these charging stations to function both as public and corporate chargers.

Versatile Communication and Ease of Use

Communication is key to efficient energy management. Therefore, the Flexi Platform supports various communication channels such as WIFI, Ethernet, and 4G connections. The integration of an RFID card reader at each charging point ensures a fast and efficient charging experience, while the integrated LED indicator clearly displays the charging status.

Advanced Load Balancing for Optimal Energy Distribution

One of the most notable features of the Flexi Platform is the "Load Balancing" function. This technology enables the system to adjust electrical consumption in real-time, in harmony with your meters, batteries, generators, or other devices. This offers a significant advantage in distributing available power across multiple charging points, an essential feature for large construction sites.

Adaptability and Safety

At Fimatec, we understand that no two projects are identical. That's why the Flexi charger is 100% modular, allowing it to be adapted to specific needs. From the choice of housing color to adding your company logo, we offer a range of customization options. Moreover, features such as IP 65/66 & IK 10 rating and UV & anti-graffiti coating ensure that our charging stations can withstand demanding environments.

Future-Oriented Technology

In line with the trend towards the electrification of construction sites, our Flexi charging stations are designed to be future-proof. They offer options such as bidirectional PLC with chassis number recognition and are compatible with the latest OCPP standards. This means you are assured of a charging solution that grows with the evolving technological landscape.


Fimatec is at the forefront of innovative energy solutions in the construction sector. With the Flexi Platform, we offer a product that not only meets the current demands for efficiency and sustainability but also anticipates the future needs of our clients. Our commitment to quality, customer-focused service, and technical expertise makes us the ideal partner for your energy management needs.

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