Soil Displacement Hammers: The New Generation GRUNDOMAT Impact Moles for Trenchless Pipe Installation

Fimatec introduces the latest generation of GRUNDOMAT Soil Displacement Hammers, designed to enhance efficiency in trenchless pipe installation. These tools offer a practical, cost-effective, and environmentally considerate solution for various underground installation needs.

Mechanism of the GRUNDOMAT Impact Mole

The GRUNDOMAT impact moles operate using a pneumatic drive and follow the soil displacement method. This non-steerable mole hammer compacts the surrounding soil, forming a channel for installing pipes and cables. Compatible with PE, PVC, or PE-X pipes up to OD 160, these moles are capable of handling installations up to 25 meters, depending on soil conditions. A compressor with 6 - 7 bar operating pressure is required, making them suitable for crossings under valuable surfaces and for establishing house service connections.

Technical Enhancements in GRUNDOMAT Impact Moles

The latest GRUNDOMAT models feature an optimized design with new technical solutions that improve durability and reduce maintenance time. The addition of servo-control in smaller models eases handling, while preserving the versatility of the mole hammer for diverse applications.

Efficiency and Precision

The GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer achieves high target accuracy through a 2-stroke principle. The piston first strikes the chisel to advance and clear the path, followed by impacting the casing in the second stroke, which pulls in the pipe. This method ensures precise targeting, even in stony soils.

Advantages of Impact Moling with GRUNDOMAT

  • High penetrating power and reliable thrust.
  • Precise pipe installation with the 2-stroke principle and movable head.
  • Applicable in challenging soils with crowned or step head options.
  • Suitable for house connections and undercrossings up to 25 meters.
  • Durable, low-maintenance technology from Germany.
  • Flexible and versatile for a wide range of applications.
  • Application Range
  • House connections: Efficient for trenchless construction of connections for fibre optics, gas, water.
  • Undercrossings: Effective for crossings under roads, railways, and other structures.
  • Pile foundations: Suitable for vertical applications like setting piles or signs.
  • Special Applications
  • Pipe ramming and renewal for steel pipes (from type 130 on).
  • Extraction of steel pipes with simultaneous new pipe installation.
  • GRUNDOMAT Impact Moles in Piping Construction

These moles are particularly suitable for the trenchless laying of cables and pipes up to 160 mm, including water, gas, fiber optics, and underground cabling, essential for sectors like e-mobility and district heating.


Fimatec offers these advanced GRUNDOMAT Soil Displacement Hammers, aligning with our commitment to providing tailored, quality solutions. For more information and expert advice on incorporating GRUNDOMAT technology into your projects, contact us at +32(0)56616701 or by email at