B-AIR 185-12

Refnr. B-AIR185-12 | ATLAS COPCO


CE mark
Weight [kg]
Capacity [m³/min]
Pressure [Bar]
Power [kW]
Variable adjustable pressure 5-12 bar; 5.3-3.7 m³/min


Fimatec B-Air 185-12: The World's First Battery-Powered Mobile Screw Compressor
Introducing the B-Air 185-12 from Atlas Copco, the pioneering battery-powered mobile screw compressor that sets new standards in the industry for environmental sustainability and operational flexibility. This innovative solution marks a transformative step in reducing CO2 emissions while maintaining high efficiency and mobility.
Core Features of the B-Air 185-12:

  • Independence and Flexibility: Operate without the need for an electrical grid connection. The B-Air offers unmatched autonomy, capable of running a full work shift under normal conditions and applications, ensuring complete operational freedom.
  • Zero Local Emissions: The compressor operates without producing local emissions, making it ideal for indoor and urban applications where environmental regulations are strict.
  • Compact and Quiet: Its compact design and low noise levels make the B-Air suitable for environments where noise is a concern, without compromising on power.

Enhanced Reliability and Longevity: The B-Air is built with fewer components and an efficient design, which not only adds to its durability but also reduces the frequency of maintenance. This leads to significant savings in operational costs and increases the overall reliability of the equipment.
Technology and Performance:
  • PACE Technology: Equipped with an electronic pressure regulation system that adjusts the pressure according to the need. From driving hand tools at 6 bar/90 psi to sandblasting at 10.3 bar/150 psi and cable blowing at 12 bar/175 psi, the B-Air adjusts seamlessly.
  • Energy Efficient: At its core, the B-Air features a permanent magnet motor with variable speed capabilities, ensuring up to 70% more energy efficiency compared to traditional diesel-driven units. This motor, combined with the NEOS Xtreme inverter, is specifically designed to perform in the toughest conditions and is fully sealed against water and dust to meet IP66 standards.

Specifications for B-Air 185-12:
  • Operating Pressure Range: 5-12 bar (72-175 psi)
  • Free Air Delivery: Up to 5.3 m³/min
  • Battery Capacity: 57 kWh
  • Installed Motor Power: 37 kW (50 hp)
  • Environmental Operating Range: -25°C to +45°C with optional enhancements

Designed for demanding applications, the B-Air maximizes battery usage and is housed in a triple-layered, fluid-cooled casing for optimal protection. Its innovative design and technology make it a versatile tool that meets various operational needs with one machine, adapting to different tasks while saving energy and reducing costs.
The B-Air 185-12 represents a significant advancement in compressor technology, providing a robust, eco-friendly, and versatile solution for modern industrial demands. For more information on how the B-Air can meet your operational requirements, visit our website or contact our team directly.