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Aftercooelr, PB filter, AirXpert 2.0
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Scania DC 09
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Stage V


V21 DrillAir Compressor from Atlas Copco
Innovation and Efficiency in Drilling
The V21 DrillAir compressor from Atlas Copco is a groundbreaking solution for various drilling operations, including geotechnical engineering, blasting technology, and geothermal purposes. With the V21, you not only acquire a reliable partner but also a high-tech compressor that significantly enhances your operational efficiency.
Technical Advantages of the V21 DrillAir
High Performance with Dynamic Flow Boost: The V21 is equipped with Dynamic Flow Boost technology, providing an additional 10% flow during flushing and filling the drill pipe. This results in faster flushing and filling, allowing your drilling projects to be completed more quickly.
AirXpert 2.0 for Optimized Control: The AirXpert 2.0 system gives you full control over the compressor's flow and pressure. This advanced performance management system combines software improvements with the best components, enabling you to drill more meters per hour.
Smart Air Xc4004 Controller: This controller offers a user-friendly interface with a 7-inch non-reflective LED screen. It simultaneously displays pressure and flow settings and provides remote control capability via a mirror application. This increases uptime through preventive maintenance and gives full control over your equipment.
Sustainability and Low Total Cost of Ownership
The V21 DrillAir compressor meets the strictest environmental standards thanks to the Stage V Scania engine. These engines minimize harmful NOx and particulate emissions, contributing to a better environment and lower operational costs. The combination of these engines with Atlas Copco’s oil-injected screw elements results in unparalleled fuel efficiency.
Flexibility and Mobility
Easy Transportation: The DrillAir V21 is easy to transport and fits completely on one truck along with the drilling installation. This makes transportation efficient and cost-effective.
Versatility in Application: The V21 offers a normal effective working pressure range of 16-25 bar and a nominal flow at maximum working pressure of 21.3 m³/min at 25 bar. This makes the compressor suitable for various drilling activities and adaptable to changes in drilling depth and hammer size.
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