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Aftercooler, BP filter
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Scania DC16
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Stage V


Atlas Copco X28 DrillAir - Aftercooler - BP FilterOptimal Performance for Water and Geothermal Drilling Operations
The Atlas Copco X28 DrillAir compressor offers advanced technology and exceptional performance, specifically designed for water well drilling and geothermal applications. This compressor combines innovative features to maximize operational efficiency and minimize fuel costs.
Innovative Technologies for Efficiency and Control
AirXpert 2.0: This technology provides full control over flow and pressure, allowing you to adjust the compressor to specific drilling conditions. Software improvements and high-quality components ensure optimal efficiency, enabling you to drill more meters per hour.
Dynamic Flow Boost: Increases flow by 10% during flushing and filling of the drill pipe, resulting in faster drilling cycles and increased productivity.
OilXpert: Regulates oil temperature and condensate level, extends compressor oil life, and protects critical components from wear, contributing to the reliability of your equipment.
Powerful and Eco-Friendly Engines
The X28 DrillAir is equipped with a Scania DC13 engine that complies with European Stage V emission standards. This engine minimizes emissions of harmful substances such as NOx and particulates through the use of advanced technologies like selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), and particulate filter (DPF). This ensures compliance with environmental regulations and reduces environmental impact.
User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance
Smart Air Xc4004 Controller: This intuitive controller offers a user-friendly interface with a 7-inch non-reflective LED screen. It allows operators to easily manage pressure and flow settings, while key parameters such as fuel and AdBlue® levels are clearly displayed to prevent unnecessary downtime.
Maintenance-Friendly Designs: The X28 DrillAir has maintenance intervals of up to 1000 hours for the compressor and 500 hours for the engine, minimizing downtime and ensuring operational continuity.
Technical Specifications

  • Working Pressure: 16-30 bar
  • Nominal Flow Rate at Maximum Working Pressure: 29.04 m³/min (484 l/s) at 30 bar
  • Fuel Consumption at 100% Load: 74.24 l/h
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 6 x 2.1 x 2.5 m
  • Weight (incl. fuel, AdBlue®): 7309 kg

The Atlas Copco X28 DrillAir compressor is a reliable and efficient solution for water well and geothermal drilling operations. With its advanced technologies and eco-friendly engines, the X28 offers optimal performance, reduced operational costs, and compliance with the strictest emission standards. Choose the X28 DrillAir and enhance your drilling efficiency today.
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