QAC 1450 Twin Power



Length [m]
Width [m]
Height [m]
Weight [kg]
14900 (dry) 16500 (wet)
2 x Scania DC16078A
20 ft container
RENTAL UNIT (8 units available for LONG & SHORT TERM RENTAL) | 2x 725 kVA in 1 container
Tension [V/Ph/Hz]
Primary power [kVA]
Secondary power [kVA]


QAC 1450 TwinPower™ Generator: Revolutionary Power and Versatility for MPP Applications

Atlas Copco introduces the innovative QAC 1450 TwinPower™ generator, a groundbreaking addition to the esteemed QAC series. Designed for demanding Modular Power Plant (MPP) applications, this generator emphasizes versatility, optimized performance, and exceptional fuel efficiency.

Housed in a 20-foot ISO container, the QAC 1450 TwinPower contains two compact 725kVA generators, each powered by a robust Scania V8 engine with dual-bearing alternators. This unique configuration, enhanced by a rapid parallel switching system, allows the two generators to operate both independently and in parallel, ensuring full EU compliance.

The QAC 1450’s TwinPower concept ensures the same power, performance, and efficiency as a single generator unit, achieving a significant fuel saving of 10%. The two generators, driven by smaller engines, provide the functionality of a larger unit with increased flexibility and lower total ownership costs.

Equipped with an advanced central control and monitoring system, featuring two Qc4003 digital controllers with intuitive touchscreens, the QAC 1450 offers a choice between island mode and Power Management System (PMS) mode. For added flexibility, the QAC 1450 can operate as a standalone unit, be paralleled with other generators, or used in parallel with the grid supply.

This robust TwinPower generator system, built into a container, remains operational under challenging conditions, including at high altitudes, thanks to an intelligent cooling system that ensures peak performance up to 50 °C.
Ease of maintenance was a key consideration in designing the TwinPower system, with large access doors and customized maintenance tools to maximize uptime. The maintenance requirement is less than two hours for every 500 operating hours, with 50% of the total capacity available during maintenance.

Designed with key customers’ needs in mind, the QAC 1450 excels in sectors such as mining, construction, transportation, oil and gas industries, and utilities. This unit meets international standards, including ISO8528, and current EU safety and environmental regulations.
Atlas Copco's TwinPower operating principle, featuring two independent engines in one housing, is the foundation of the QAC 1450. This latest addition follows the successful launch of TwinPower in 2016, with future models targeting specific applications and customer groups.